Bride and Groom during their first dance at Semple Mansion in Minneapolis MN. Image taken by Minnesota Wedding Photographer Spencer Gease.
Photo of Spencer Gease, Minnesota Wedding Photographer

A tear rolls down Lee's cheek...

...Heart pounding and hands clasped, Lee waited eagerly for his bride-to-be. Then, she appeared, radiant in her white dress. Overcome with emotion, a tear rolled down his cheek as he took in her beauty, feeling grateful to spend his life with her. With a smile through his tears, he looked forward to starting a new chapter with the love of his life.

It was at this beautiful moment, that it hit me why I do what I do. I enjoy photographing adventurous and down to earth couples allowing me to produce stunning and timeless photographs that capture their love story in a way that transports them back to relive the magical moments of their wedding day for years to come.

Hey! I'm Spencer, a Minnesota Wedding Photographer based in the Twin Cities.

On your wedding day, your experience comes first. Your Wedding photos will tell your story by blending your relationships, personalities and how you met.

If you are looking for Wedding Photography in Minnesota or anywhere worldwide, I'd love to hear from you!

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As a wedding photographer in Minnesota with over 10 years of experience, there's not much I haven't seen. I can provide more than just amazing photos of your wedding day or engagement session.

Getting Over Being Shy For your Photos

How to Invest in your wedding photography

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Guidance for couples who are feeling overwhelmed by the demands of planning their wedding.

Has the “how much should I spend on my wedding photography?” question arisen? If so, this post is for you!

Useful strategies and practical tips for brides and grooms who struggle with shyness or social anxiety when it comes to taking photos on their wedding day.

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Minnesota Wedding Photography Reviews

Bride and Groom in front of Semple Mansion in Minneapolis MN taken by Minnesota Wedding Photographer Spencer Gease

"Really easy to work with and made sure to listen"

Spencer was really easy to work with and made sure to listen to all of the photos that were on our must have list. He does a great job at finding the best lighting and using his own lighting in order to create the best images. Our wedding book that he created was just the icing on the cake. It is a beautiful way to showcase a bunch of the photos from our wedding and be able to show family and friends the photos.


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Love stories captured in an elegant and timeless way

My work features stunning, cinematic lighting and documentary-style images that capture the real, unscripted moments of your wedding day.

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Multiple photos of a bride and groom from their wedding at The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum taken by Minnesota Wedding Photographer Spencer Gease.
Wedding Albums created by Minnesota Wedding Photographer Spencer Gease.

During your wedding day, It is impossible to remember every single detail. Your Wedding Album will be around for decades so you can remember these small details!

This album is for you to be able to sit down on those special days, spend time with your family and relive this major moment in your life. We will tailor this book to what you love and hold most dear!

Destination wedding photography offers a unique and unforgettable experience for couples who want to capture their special day in a breathtaking and exotic location.

Not only does it provide an opportunity to explore new destinations and cultures, but it also allows for one-of-a-kind backdrops and settings that will make for truly stunning photographs.

By traveling for wedding photos, couples can create memories that will last a lifetime, while also adding an extra element of excitement and adventure to their big day.

As a Wedding Photographer in Minnesota, I have had the privilege of capturing beautiful and memorable moments for many couples in my home state.

However, my love for photography and travel extends far beyond the borders of Minnesota. I am always eager to explore new places and capture the unique beauty and charm of different locations. That's why I would be thrilled to travel the world to capture your special day.

Whether it's a rustic vineyard in Tuscany, a luxurious beach resort in Bali, or a cozy chapel in the Swiss Alps, I am always up for an adventure and will do whatever it takes to capture stunning and timeless photographs that you will cherish for years to come.

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Capturing beautiful images requires more than just a photographer.

During your search of Wedding Photographers in Minnesota, you need someone who understands your priorities and can bring them to life.

Beyond simply photographing your wedding, I will provide valuable insights, local expertise, and years of experience. Collaboratively, we will create a relaxed timeline, recommend top-notch vendors, scout out ideal locations, and prioritize your vision, making sure your wedding day is an unforgettable experience that you'll cherish for years to come.

As your photographer, I will be present through all the ups and downs, and it's crucial that you feel at ease with me.

By choosing me as your photographer, your satisfaction is paramount, your story will be told, and your memories will be preserved for a lifetime.

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Is 8 hours long enough for a wedding photographer?

This is different for all Minnesota Wedding Photographers and couple but to be able to capture all your moments and tell your story,I recommend a minimum of 6 hours. This will allow us to get your getting ready photos through your dances in most circumstances.

How long is reasonable to wait for wedding photos?

I will meet with you to design your album and see your photos Six weeks after your wedding day!

Do Wedding Photographers edit all photos?

At Spencer Gease Creative, I will cull all the images that I take. This allows me to get the best photos that show the story of your day!

Do we Need 2 photographers at a wedding?

I recommend having TWO photographers for your wedding so we can capture multiple angles of all the major times during your day! It also allows us to split up and capture two different things that happen at the same time.

While I mainly do wedding photography in Minnesota, I happily travel to capture beautiful weddings worldwide. All destination packages are custom and include travel and reasonable accommodations. Please contact me to learn more about my destination packages.


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