Getting Over Being Shy for your Photos!

Hire a Photographer you Trust

When working with a photographer, you need to find someone who will make you feel comfortable. The best way is by going beyond just picking out their portfolio – this entails looking at how they direct and interact people in general as well as what kind of personality traits each person shows on camera or off-screen (i.e., mannerism).

Schedule an Engagement Session

If you want to get the best photos possible, it is important that your photographer knows what poses and angles work for you. Scheduling an engagement session will allow them time in front of their camera so they can discover how confident or not comfortable you are and how they can help you.

Focus on Your Partner

If you’re feeling anxious looking at the camera, take your focus off of it and concentrate on what’s happening in front or back-and maybe even change positions! Your photographer will work around whatever position makes YOU comfortable.

Have a Drink

Yes I mean it! If you’re super uncomfortable in front of the camera, have a cocktail may help you relax and be less stiff or likely to give a fake smile. But just 1, we don’t want you drunk in your photos!

Laugh (Even if it feels Forced)

Awkward laughs actually make for great pictures! It’s a still photograph so nobody knows what you are saying to each other so it can just turn into a really cute photograph!

Talk to Each Other

Chat about anything that brings a smile to your face! Focusing on a story will distract you from the camera.

Have some Pictures Taken from a Distance

Normally when I am starting a session, I like to start with a longer lens so I can stand back from the couple. This allows you to comfortable with the process.

Ask your Photographer for Direction

Your photographer will give you direction but if you are feeling extra nervous, it doesn’t hurt to ask them to give a little extra encouragement.

Get Your Hair and Makeup Done

Whether for your wedding or your engagement session, getting your hair and makeup professionally done is bound to give you a confidence boost!

Wear something you feel good in

The better you feel, the better you look in photos! This is why wedding photos are usually so successful. Wear something for your engagement photos that makes you feel great and you’re comfortable in.

Plan an Activity

Bring an activity to your session! This works best for engagement sessions but can be adapted to your wedding also. Involve your pet is a great way that shows your life together.

Take your Pictures Away from Your Guests

If you freeze in front of crowds, it is likely best to take your wedding pictures away from your guest. This includes your first look.

Remember these are YOUR photos

Don’t worry about impressing anyone as these are for your own memory. Also don’t try to duplicate someone else’s experiences. Trust your photographer and focus on what really matters.