Wedding at Grands at Mulligan’s in Sartell MN

This Wedding at Grands at Mulligan in Sartell MN was amazing! Kaitlyn & Anthony were such an amazing couple. check out their story below.

How did you two meet and fall in love?

We met camping at Bunker Beach through my uncle who is good friends with Anthony’s family. We went on a few dates, decided we liked each other and dated while I was going to school for my two degrees, and got engaged shortly after.

Grands at Mulligan

What was most important to you when planning your wedding?

The food was most important to Anthony. He was worried there wouldn’t be enough. I was worried about making the hunting and fishing themes look classy!

What was the inspiration behind your wedding theme?

Anthony loves everything hunting, fishing, and outdoors. We booked a venue that looked like a lodge. I love purple. So we successfully created a fishing and hunting-themed wedding without having to use blaze orange.

Sartell MN

How will you describe the feeling you had on your wedding day to your children one day?

Our wedding day did not go as planned. We had to make changes based on COVID and other little hiccups that happened during the day, but that’s life. You just have to make the best out of what you get handed to you in life. I met Kaitlyn when she signed up for an engagement session contest. Once I started talking with her about her fiancé and her wedding day, I learned that I knew her fiancé from high school. I had played football with him. It’s crazy how small of a world we actually all live in. Their wedding was held at the Grands at Mulligan’s in Sartell Mn. It is a very nice venue situated on a golf course. With this being a winter wedding, this allowed for many open backgrounds. There were a few hiccups throughout their day but they were able to adapt and overcome them. We finished up the night with some wonderful outdoor images under the pergola behind the venue.

Grands at Mulligan's in Sartell MN