Here are some common mistakes that I have seen over the past 9 years of shooting weddings.

Not Finalizing the Wedding Day Schedule and not Sticking to it

With all my clients, I assist them in creating their wedding day timeline. This allows me to get the time that I need to get the images that they want to hang in their homes. Before I did this, we would run behind constantly due to the schedule not being followed.

Letting Relatives Get in the Way

We have a name in the wedding photography industry for the guest that shows up with photography gear and takes unofficial wedding photos, they are Uncle Bob. He/She may think they are helping by getting a few extra shots of the couple but really, they are getting in the way and making the pro miss the shots that the couple really wants. Tell Uncle Bob to leave his camera at home and just enjoy the wedding.

Not Explaining how You like to Look in your Photos

Beauty is subjective! Send a photo that you like and one that you don’t prior to the wedding to your photographer.

Not Getting a Second Shooter

While some people feel it’s too obtrusive to have more than one photographer or they are trying to save a little money consider the following. The second photographer offers another unique view of your day that would otherwise not be photographed.

Not getting help organizing your guests

Designate someone, that you trust and knows the family, to be in charge of organizing people for portraits. This person will assist your photographers in locating all the people that are needed for the next grouping and keep this portion of your day running smoothly.

Trying to make things perfect

The biggest thing about your day is to just have fun. Its ok if something didn’t turn out 100% the way you wanted as long as you can go with it, have fun and keep smiling!

Skipping the First Look

A first look allows you to get your jitters out of seeing your significant other. It also allows your photographer to take their time to get your couples, family and wedding party photos. This way you can spend the time after your ceremony partying with your guests!

Not being in the moment

A good photographer gives direction to help you look your best while capturing the best moments. If you are too worried about posing, you will likely look stiff and likely not like your photos. Just relax and act natural by being in the moment.

Waiting too long to book your photographer

If you find a photographer that you vibe with, book them! Good photographers can book up to a year out and won’t be available forever. Nothing is more frustrating than finding a photographer then figuring out they booked your date the week prior!

Not providing a List of “Don’t Takes”

Let your photographer know before the wedding if there is any photos that you don’t like.

Asking for too many shots

If you have done your homework and picked a reputable and experienced photographer, then they likely do not need the two page spreadsheet of every family combination.

Forgetting the Details

Think about all the special things that were done for your wedding. You likely would want a photo of those things to remember them. Bring a copy of them so that they can be captured.