These days, digital images are incredibly convenient. They can be easily stored on your computer or a flash drive, they take up less space than albums and wall art, and they are always on hand when you need them. But how many times have you set that flash drive of photos in a desk drawer, planning to get prints but never quite getting around to it?

We all love sharing our photos with family and friends on social media, but sometimes those digital images can be easily lost or damaged. These seven reasons show why it might not always be worth using them instead of prints!

You Cant Archive Them.

One of the benefits of digital images is that they can be easily backed up and stored. But what happens if your computer crashes or you lose your photos? They’re gone forever. With prints, you can archive them by storing them in a photo album or scanning them into a computer.

They can be corrupted.

-They can be lost.

-They can be forgotten.

-They can be hacked

You may forget about them.

It’s easy to share photos on social media, but what happens when you forget about them? They can sit in an online album for years without being looked at. With prints, they’re right there on your walls or in your photo albums where you can see them and enjoy them every day.

They are costly—and that doesn’t include wall art

So you go to your local Walmart or Costco and get some pictures printed. Sweet! But then all the images are grainy, difficult to appreciate because of their low quality – not what was expected at ALL by this point in time considering how much work went into taking them originally (and paying high prices). And worse yet? Most big companies don’t offer great prints either; they’re usually too dark/light etc., so if we want good memories preserved forever… well let’s just say there won’t be any getting around the cost.

You have to keep up with new storage options.

Not so long ago, you may have stored your images on floppy disks, but good luck finding a computer with a floppy disk drive these days. As technology changes, your chosen storage for your digital files has to change as well, which means you may keep switching from one storage option to another as the years pass, just to ensure that your images aren’t lost.

They have less impact.

When you hang a beautiful print on your wall, it has a lot of impact. But when you post the same digital image online, it gets lost in a sea of other images. Printed photos can be arranged in an album or on a wall to create a mini art show in your home, while digital images just sit on your computer or get lost in social media.

You aren’t respecting your photographer’s art.

Yes, digital photos are convenient. But convenience should never trump respect for the art that goes into making a beautiful photograph. When you print your images, you’re honoring the time and effort your photographer put into capturing those memories for you.

In conclusion, digital images have their place in this world, but prints will always have a special value that cannot be replaced.