Wedding at Hidden Greens Event Venue Hastings MN

This wedding at Hidden Greens Events Venue in Hastings MN was nothing less than epic!

How did you meet?

Our love story began at East Ridge High School, back in 2011. Chago had recently transferred to this high school starting his sophomore year and walked into his English class right as the bell rang, where Hannah had already been sitting in the 3rd row making sure to be extra early.

This is where it all started but it wouldn’t be for quite some time before Chago would have the guts to ask for her number. That spring when Hannah broke her foot, Chago would start the flirtatious behavior back and forth.

By that meaning, making fun of her smelly boot and crutches and even offering to carry her books to her next class only to leave her at her locker with a have a great rest of your day and no books in hand. He claims he didn’t want to seem to be too interested in her at that time. Chago would finally ask for her number on the last day of school their sophomore year and Hannah would officially be his girlfriend 3 weeks later June 27th, 2011.

7 years’ worth of memories and adventures together growing up from little high school babies and Chago would finally pop the question in the winner’s circle at Canterbury park after being picked for rolling keg barrel races.

All of which had been preplanned but, Hannah winning of course, and celebrating a little too much before giving a YES! We are so excited to celebrate our day with all of you and can’t wait for this exciting new chapter to begin!

How did you meet Spencer?

We met due to Spencer working with Chago and his dad at the fire department. I loved his images and when we sat down to go over his wedding packages, we knew that he was who I wanted to capture our wedding!

Hannah and Chago’s wedding was held at the beautiful Hidden Greens Event Center in Hastings MN. Upon our arrival, the owners of this venue were very helpful. They noticed that we were scouting the venue and they came up to us to tell us of some cool areas that are kind of off the beaten path.

They were very helpful throughout the day. The ceremony location is in the woods and allows for some unique photos. The couple had hired a mariachi band who played while their guests were arriving and also when we were taking their family photos. We captured some wonderful sunset photos and even got a twilight photo in front of the venue to round out the night.

Wedding at Hidden Greens Event Venue Hastings MN Wedding at Hidden Greens Event Venue Hastings MN Wedding at Hidden Greens Event Venue Hastings MN