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You appreciate genuine emotions and enjoy having a good time, and you're a fan of my images. Head on over to my contact page and I will get back to you at the earliest opportunity.

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The Consultation

Engagement Session

The Engagement session is something that you should both look forward to! You will have a chill and guided experience that's like a dream date you've always wanted to have. So get excited!

Don't worry, I got you covered with outfit choices, and we'll discuss cool locations to shoot. This is also a chance for you to get comfortable with my style and poses, so you can just relax and enjoy the moment. You and your partner will feel even more connected after the shoot. It's gonna be a fun break from all the wedding planning!

preparing for a stress-free day

Let's face it, weddings can be super stressful if you don't plan ahead. But no worries, we'll work together to plan the day of your dreams, with all the things that are important to you as a couple. The timeline will be customized to your needs, but we'll also factor in some extra time to account for any hiccups or delays that might pop up. So just chill and enjoy your big day, we got this!

A couple months before your big day, I'll send you a few questionnaires asking you for family groupings, vendor details and anything special you have planned. Then, I'll give you a call to chat and make sure we're all good with the schedule for the day.

the wedding day

Woo-hoo, it's the big day! You've been putting in work for months, and now it's time to party! We've got a timeline that focuses on all the stuff you care about, so get ready for a day full of good times and memories you'll cherish forever. Let's do this!

We're aiming for photos that are relaxed and capture the real you. We'll have some laughs along the way, and when we're done, let's pop open a bottle of bubbly and celebrate! Cheers to awesome photos and good times!

the reveal session

Fast forward ten weeks, and your pics will be looking amazing, with color correction and touch-ups all done. Then, we'll either link up in person or via zoom to put together your one-of-a-kind wedding album, and have it shipped right to your doorstep. Can't wait for you to see the final product, it's gonna be amazing!

Imagine a hundred years from now when everything's all high-tech and futuristic. But guess what? Your prints and heirloom album will still be here, telling the story of your special day for generations to come.

The couples I vibe with most tend to be:

As a wedding photographer I understand that your wedding day can be hectic, emotional, and even overwhelming at times.

That's why I make it their priority to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere so that you can enjoy your special day to the fullest.

I will work with you to create a timeline that ensures plenty of time for photographs without feeling rushed or stressed. I strive to make you and your partner feel comfortable in front of the camera, which will result in natural and authentic images.

Im also able to adapt and handle unexpected situations with ease, ensuring that the day runs smoothly. With a wedding photographer that makes your day stress-free, you can be confident that you'll have beautiful, timeless images to cherish for a lifetime.

-Communicate clearly and promptly before the wedding day to understand your preferences and expectations.

-Create a detailed photography timeline that includes all important moments and stick to it as closely as possible.

-Scout the wedding venue in advance to identify potential photo locations and lighting situations.

-Come prepared with backup equipment and batteries to ensure no disruptions due to technical issues.

-Be friendly, approachable, and professional to make you and your guests feel comfortable and at ease.

-Anticipate and handle any unexpected issues that may arise during the day, such as bad weather or last-minute changes in the schedule.

-Be organized and efficient during the group photo sessions to minimize the time required and maximize the enjoyment of the wedding day.

-Provide gentle direction and guidance for you during the couple's portrait session to help you feel relaxed and confident.

-Keep a positive attitude and a sense of humor throughout the day to help diffuse any tension and make the experience more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Ready to learn about your stress-free Wedding Day?

It was a bright and sunny day, but it was also freaking freezing outside. I was waiting for the bride and groom to be prepared for their first look which they requested to be outdoors, trying to keep myself warm by sipping on some hot chocolate.

When they had finally psyched themselves up to go out into the cold, I was ready. I had some poses in mind, but I quickly realized that the cold weather was making it hard for them to hold still and smile. The bride was shivering so much that it was starting to show in the photos.

So, I decided to switch things up. I had the groom wrap his arms tightly around the bride, and I had them walk around the park to keep them moving and warm. I kept shooting away, adjusting my angles and poses as needed.

And let me tell you, it worked like a charm. I was able to capture some absolutely stunning photos of the couple, despite the cold weather. The bride and groom were thrilled with how the photos turned out, and they even thanked me for saving the day.

Millennium Hotel in Downtown Minneapolis MN

"Spencer was able to capture the most perfect moments so that I am able to relive it for the rest of my life. My husband and I couldn't be happier!!"

Holly and James

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