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When you're looking for a photographer to capture your wedding day in all its beauty and emotion, it is essential that the person who takes these photos gets to know both bride-to be AND groom personally. As we spend time together on your adventure of love - from planning sessions where we determine what details matters most--to the ENGAGING PHOTOSHOOT narrowing down choices until only one remains --I want every second captured by me so I can tell YOUR story like no other!

Creating an Experience

Capturing memories...

When I am behind the lens, it feels like everything drops away. My heart pounds with excitement as we talk about what makes each of you unique and how our photographer is going to make this day amazing for both of us! It's not just me who is passionate-it shines through in every shot because that’s how deeply committed these projects really are from start until finish—and then some more after than most couples will ever know or care about...

Somehow during all those long conversations where everyone tells their story (or at least tries) something shifts inside them too: suddenly shyness evaporates; worries melt away into nothingness



From the beginning planning was super smooth and easy. We got married on a holiday and that was never even an issue! We got very lucky when we found Spencer Gease photography, we were only a few months out and I was getting nervous about finding someone. We connected through messages often if I had any questions or concerns. He listened to all the ideas I had in mind about what I wanted picture wise. When the day arrived everything went great. We got our shots and couldn't be happier. I would definitely recommend if you're looking for a smooth, stress-free great photographer.

– Holly & James

Love stories captured in an elegant and timeless way

My work is a mixture of classic and photojournalistic with a focus on candid moments and creating an invaluable connection with each and every client!

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Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. You deserve to have amazing photos that will last you forever and serve as a reminder for years to come! That's why I'm here, with my professional skillset ready at any time (and location) so we can make this happen together...

I strive not only take pictures but also create memories through every step--from pre-ceremony rituals all way until post-therapy dinner conversations; from formal portraits during cocktail hour followed by group shots outside under tents filled with dancing lights.